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Blue Ocean Solutions 

Really resistant paper straws from the Ukrainian manufacturer

 Suitable for all types of beverages 

from hot to iced


Choose your design

These are the most popular straws options, but we can also carry out any design that comes to mind.


Blue wave


Spring green


The purple sun


Glowing yellow


Kraft vanilla


Total black


Virgin white


With private space(individually packaged)

* Minimum order - from 500 pcs

Choose your diameter and length


Special conditions of cooperation for HoReCa representatives and major distributors.



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Team of professionals.

Our team includes specialists with 20 years of experience in the paper industry!We know how to make the best product!

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The most durable Ukrainian paper tubes.

We conducted tests in extreme conditions andaggressive liquids. Tubes B.O.S. withstood the hot and cold beverage check: more than 3 hours inhot tea and more than 72 hours in cold beverages (water, juice, smoothies, etc.)

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10 million straws per month.

Our facilities are located in Ukraine, so we will promptly deliver your order in any volume and anywhere in the world!

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We value the customer.

We enthusiastically accept individual orders for paper straws. After all, we can make any design, format, and even a straw in individually packaged with the name of your brand! Flexible terms of delivery. Payment delayed.

Plastic VS Paper

Paper straw

    Emphasize the status of the institution
    Suitable for both hot and cold drinks
    Easy to compost
    Do not leave behind in the nature
    They are absolutely safe because they are made of environmentally friendly and renewable materials.

Plastic straw

    They look cheap
    They are not suitable for hot drinks because they emit toxic substances
    Not recyclable
    8% of plastic pollution of the ocean is made of plastic straws
    Health hazardous because chemical elements made of polypropylene can enter liquids and react with them

Still thinking? Feel free to ask! 


  • Why BOS?

    We can carry out any design, diameter or format of straws you need. Moreover, our production allows you to produce straws individually packaged and printed by your company. Our team includes professionals with 20 years of experience in the paper industry, so we know how to make a quality product

  • How to get an order?

    Parcel from Ukraine can be received within 1-2 days from the moment of order by means of "Nova Poshta". The cost is set by the carrier company. On average, it costs from 35-50 UAH. If you are in Kiev, you can use courier services or pick-up from our office for convenience. Ordering anywhere in the world is done through international carriers such as: UkrPoshta, Mist, DHL.

  • How to get a discount?

    The more your order, the greater the discount on paper straws you can get. Call us to discuss all the details :)

  • Where is the production located?

    We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of paper straws. Production facilities are located in the Dnieper region, warehouses are in Kyiv, Dnipro and Zhytomyr

  • How is BOS paper straw different from other paper tubes?

    We have carefully approached the technological aspect of production of our products. Paper Straw B.O.S. Made from European raw materials according to international quality standards. Our straws are the most durable and suitable for any drink. We conducted the tests in the harshest conditions and aggressive liquids. Paper Straw B.O.S. sustained more than 2 hours in boiling water and more than 24 hours in ice water

  • Blue Ocean Solutions Mission?

    Our mission in one sip to change the world! We are a company focused on saving the ocean from plastic. We do not care about the future of our planet, so we decided to start production of paper products for mass consumption. We started with a small tube, but we are already working on alternative solutions for other plastic items in everyday life. Join now!

  • What other than paper straws?

    B.O.S. - it is more than manufacturers of a paper tube. We arealso currently working on social projects, engaging society, are the leaders in consciousconsumption, sorting waste, giving lectures, helping to organize waste collection and removalpoints. We will be glad to cooperate in any area


01054, metro Kyiv, vul. Olesya Gonchara, Bud 65.






01054, metro Kyiv, vul. Olesya Gonchara, Bud 65.


When to call? Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm.
And on Saturday and Sunday, just email us;)



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Paper straw is your easy step towards an ecological future!